Borderlands 2 bank slots

borderlands 2 bank slots

The bank returns in Borderlands 2 in the form of a large vault door. Only the level 10 Bank Upgrade is needed to gain the maximum Bank slots, there's no. The bank returns in Borderlands 2 in the form of a large vault door. Only the level 10 Bank Upgrade is needed to gain the maximum Bank slots, there's no. What's going on guys, This tutorial is about how tio get unlimited bank space in Borderlands 2! This has. At last count I had well over a dozen mules. You can also give your character extra eridium if you cant afford the upgrades. I personally don't mind having only 27 slots. Backpack, ammo and bank slot limit? Gibbed's save editor seems to have potential but I don't see a specific option for .

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At the very least, browse our group policies. If I want to put something in it, I just replace what I want in there with one of the duplicated items. When you want to throw a new Legendary in there, just take out a crap gun and then throw the crap gun away Log in or sign up in seconds. Leave them some high value loot from one or more of my OP characters. I always make mules when I'm farming torgue tokens or the bunker so that they get the eridium they need with almost no effort. Farming the Armory will net you a Pearlescent one in every 3 or so tries at least it did for me borderlands 2 bank slots The Pre-Sequel Borderlands Legends Tales from the Borderlands. I don't mind using gibbed or mods, I simply want any way possible to get more bank space. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. I do find myself picking up guns by accident then trying to find a vendo to sell my shit when I do find an awesome gun. Question about resetting UVHM And I name them accordingly. Pokerstars ept probably make a 6th and 7th character, but its alot of fart on to do something you should have been able to do in the first damn place. Throw duplicated gun away. Any one know how? Which might just indicate he is a lucky character, and could well be taken further at some point. This should be clear enough for . My packrat-ness is getting to me, and I currently have 3 characters with banks just for storing items one for purples, one for uniques, one for legendaries. Borderlands Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Was trying to decide whether to play Krieg or Gaige next, then this dropped. Then you can purchase more Bank upgrades at the black market. Games Movies TV Wikis. And so many useful grenades. What I did was start a second character, play in split screen, and use main to kill the ancient dragons for eridium, then used it all to buy all the backpack and bank upgrades. Even if you mod it when the game restarts it will reset to a maximum of The Bank was created as a subsidiary of Marcus Corp. It should just about double the ammo capacity. Borderlands subscribe unsubscribe 77, readers users here now Greetings, Traveler! Games Movies TV Wikis.

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